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ill word, created by olive..
The word is another word for nice, sick, ill, stoked, amazing, fucking sick, awesome.
Yo that fuckin 40 oz. was chice.
by and tess 1 November 26, 2004
Something that is exquisitely awesome. Can also be used as a type of lifestlye.
"Yo man, that guy's new shirt is so chice!"

"Nah man, I live the chice life"
by shimmypine March 13, 2013
Short form for a cheese slice.
Can you hand me a chice for my grilled cheese!!!!
by sammmy_014 December 01, 2009
2 or more chins under someones original one
look at that fat person's chice.OMG EWW!
by CURRAY & COLIE December 21, 2007
The word chice means ill, fuckin sick, stoked up, tight, nice, word, awesome, created by olive
Yo i busted all over that girls tits last night, and that was some chice shit nigga.
by and tess 1 November 27, 2004
a delicious derivitve of chilly usually hormel mixed with short grained rice to form a delectible jumbalia textured food. chice is usually served with a side of crakers or toast
Man I Got This Chili And This Rice Nigga. What Should I do........ Nigga Mix That Up We Finna Make Some Chice.
by Darryn Joseph February 29, 2008
to pull fist into the side of the torso,like a chicken wing and hit an inanimate object.
After the dancing smith missed a free throw he chiced the basketball with gusto as he stared at the ref with wounded bravado.
by provider44 January 16, 2010