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Something that is exquisitely awesome. Can also be used as a type of lifestlye.
"Yo man, that guy's new shirt is so chice!"

"Nah man, I live the chice life"
by shimmypine March 13, 2013
ill word, created by olive..
The word is another word for nice, sick, ill, stoked, amazing, fucking sick, awesome.
Yo that fuckin 40 oz. was chice.
by and tess 1 November 26, 2004
Short form for a cheese slice.
Can you hand me a chice for my grilled cheese!!!!
by sammmy_014 December 01, 2009
2 or more chins under someones original one
look at that fat person's chice.OMG EWW!
by CURRAY & COLIE December 21, 2007
The word chice means ill, fuckin sick, stoked up, tight, nice, word, awesome, created by olive
Yo i busted all over that girls tits last night, and that was some chice shit nigga.
by and tess 1 November 27, 2004
a delicious derivitve of chilly usually hormel mixed with short grained rice to form a delectible jumbalia textured food. chice is usually served with a side of crakers or toast
Man I Got This Chili And This Rice Nigga. What Should I do........ Nigga Mix That Up We Finna Make Some Chice.
by Darryn Joseph February 29, 2008
to pull fist into the side of the torso,like a chicken wing and hit an inanimate object.
After the dancing smith missed a free throw he chiced the basketball with gusto as he stared at the ref with wounded bravado.
by provider44 January 16, 2010
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