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adverb meaning "without pants"
Drunken Chicago Style video game playing is best with women.
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
87 29
to perform an action without wearing pants.
"i posted this defenition chicago-style."
by Chainsaw Dudley March 31, 2003
50 14
that means in the BUTT!!!
I tried to do my girl chicago-style last night and she loved every minute of it!
by nigdude July 20, 2010
9 3
when everybody in a group smokes their own joint at the same time
forget puf puf pass, everyone roll your own and smoke em chicago style
by Jackson Heights July 06, 2005
24 35
A sex starved, eccentric, hilarious, sarcastic, cynical lesbian who inhabits certain message boards. Sometimes abbreviated CS.
That girl is such a Chicago style... I wonder if she would do Chicgao Stye.
by SalixRegina September 20, 2004
5 54