One of the greatest franchises in baseball. A true Cubs fan loves the game, loves the Cubs, sticks with the Cubs no matter what, and doesn't worry about the Sox or how any other team does.
Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs home park is a beautiful and fun place.
by Johnny Moran December 29, 2011
Major League Baseball team in the amazing city of Chicago, Illinois. Though they've had a lack of winning the World Series for a long, long time, they're not always that bad a team and have a history winning a lot of games (Though they do really suck some times). I'm a true Cubs fan and I'm not some Sox hater either, they're just another Chicago team to me, and they're fine.
I went to a Chicago Cubs game last night.
Chicago's "other" baseball team. Vastly overshadowed by their archrivals the Chicago white sox. Have not won a world series in ages and its likely that they never will
Chicago Cubs are to white sox in Chicago as mets are to Yankees in new york
by Ghac May 27, 2011
A baseball team from Chicago Illinios, with a classic home feild known as Wrigly, famous for it's ivy on the walls in the outfeild. The team it's self is quite terrible, and haven't won a wold series since the stone age. If they ever come close, there's always someone to blame it on when we fuck up weather it's be a fan or damn goat or something else retarted that it totally and completly unrealted the sport of baseball. Nicknamed the lovable losers for their blowness at it. Also have the greatist fans in the sport, and some like to poke fun at them when they're frusterated with their preformance lately........
Chicago Cubs Fan #1: Hey did we win today?

Chicago Cubs Fan #2: No, their picther had a complete game, no hitter.

Chicago Cubs Fan #1: Holy shit!! Who was it???

Chicago Cubs Fan #2: Some single A call up.

Chicago Cubs Fan #3: What the hell..ooh well, we had a 3 game winning streak going anyways, I was starting to feel uncomfortable

Chicago Cubs Fans # 1&2: Word.
by i dont want a name. August 31, 2005
Nomar Garciaparra's team.
The Chicago Cubs finally have a hard-working player who doesn't urinate on his hands.
by Herman D. Optional July 31, 2004
A baseball team best known for losing and playing in the world's largest gay bar. A franchise with the third biggest market and an inflated payroll, the teams has failed since 1908. Their fans prefer to blame a goat, a cat, and a Bartman for the team's failure rather than simply admitting one hundred years of disgrace. Every team has a bad century right?
Bro 1: Bro, you wanna watch the Chicago Cubs try to play baseball today?

Bro 2: Naw bro, my butt never healed from the last time I went to Wrigley!

Bro 1: Good point! Besides, winning in October is overrated anyways.
by happyg123456 May 10, 2009
See Epic Fail

Major league baseball team plagued by epic suckiness.
Person 1: "Think the Chicago Cubs will go another 100 years without a World Series?"

Person 2: "Is that serious?"
by Sox Fan 7Million April 27, 2010

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