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When a guy has direahha and dumps it on a woman chest, and then titty fucks her.
Aaron Levy gave Mrs.Pafias a Chicage Style Chili Dog.
by Amy February 05, 2005
WEll though it my be a sexaul slang for a fecel fetish. It is more commonly considerd a hotdog coverd in a mound of chile and cheese that despite the fact that it has a bun needs to be eaten with a fork and knife.
im stuffed after eaten that chilli dog
by March 02, 2004
A sexual technique where the man poops on the woman's chest and then tittie-fucks her. This resembles a chili dog.
Tom gave Mary a Chicago Style Chili Dog last night. It was great fun.
by Derek Lindsey February 26, 2003
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