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It has everything on it! While a woman is on her period, have sex with her whilst adding vomit, snot, feces, spit, and urine to her chesticles. Top it off by pulling out and titty fucking her to add blood and semen to the mix.
If she really wants to prove her love, she'll let me perform the Chicago Hotdog.
by deutschbag99 December 09, 2013
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This occurs when a threesome of either 2 females (lesbian) and 1 male or 1 female and 2 males (gay). A girl lays down flat on the floor naked. Then a male puts his penis on her vagina like a hot dog. The third person puts any type of toppings they want onto the "hotdog". The people who made the "hotdog" go into a warm room for around 5 minutes. After their done they go back with the third person to allow them to "eat the hotdog".
Like omg like girl like we just Chicago Hotdog last night like omg
by JrVerse December 23, 2016
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