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A gay pride clothing company.
Have you ever noticed how dudes in tapout shirts travel in pairs?
by successfulheterosexual July 02, 2010
Somebody who wears a tapout shirt. A fag is also very likely to drink keystone.
I don't go to house parties anymore because they're full of fags.
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
When you take a girl out for mexican food, then assfuck her afterwards. It makes your hot dog feel like its in Chicago, the windy city.
Awesome Person:Why does your room smell like a chicago style hotdog?
Awesomer Person:Because your girlfriend just left.
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
Obama's entire campaign.
McCain: People should vote for me, at least I don't spew false hope like Obama does.
America: Then you shouldn't have picked Sarah Palin, you old jackass
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
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