When a someone does something to you that upsets, angers or frustraits you.
Passenger : I think that guy is gonna cut you off
Driver: I dont think he is
Passenger : that guy cut you off
Driver: Im chezzed
by Willy Tyrone Sidney Porter Wix November 04, 2012
Top Definition
a comical way to say that you are stoned, also used as a verb, the act of getting chezzed
hey bill wanna get chezzed after work?
nah man I'm chezzed right now!
by tsquared February 09, 2014
-being completely chill and not letting anything get to you. often a comment will simply be answered by saying "chezz".
-the fact that something is just so cool it can only be described by the word "chezz".
The people on the beach were worried about the sharks in the water, but not Kate, she was totally chezzed.

Rob - "Dude, some guy just sideswiped your car!!"
Shane - "Chezz..."

Kalli - "Look at my new car!"
Beth - "Chezz!"
by reve January 06, 2006

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