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Same exact definition as sexy, only better.
Guy-"Hey chexy lady."

Lady-"Why thank you!"


Guy-"Hey sexy lady."

Lady- *SLAPS*
by Flyingshamanofdoom April 06, 2007
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basically cute hot and sexy put together!!
Omg! did you see those thre guys/ girls!! they were sooo chexy!!
by onthebrightside December 23, 2009
ch + anything is chinese anything

chexy = chinese sexy
Damnnn that cliffy dude is chexy!!
by winddancer January 14, 2009
Chubby + Sexy. A person who is chubby and sexy at the same time.
That singer Kelly Clarkson is so damn Chexy!
by Kunal.Reaper July 23, 2012
Chubby Sexy

A sexy MF'r who is a little on the doughy side
Friend 1 - Looks like you put on a few lbs.

Friend 2 - Its cool, I'm still chexy as hell
by Chexy McChexerson August 28, 2011
a chubby but sexy girl
yo bruv, check that chexy girl
by montana89 June 09, 2011
when your sexy but also ,cheesy
me:u sure are a chexy beast

you:why thankyou i do enjoy the old cheese here and there
by luke+andy May 21, 2010

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