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He: "Do you have big boobs?"

She: "What?!? We just met. I thought you wanted a long-term relationship!"

He: "Do you like it when a man uses his....."

She: "Okay, stop right there. I'm NOT chexing with you tonight!!"
by JaneIam October 15, 2012
During sex, it is the act of which a woman or a man bites off (or rips off with their mouth) his/her sex mate's penis. The man or woman could also bite off the female sex mate's breast. It is a more painful experience than pleasurable, and the person who was chexed can only survive for so long with our his gentiles. However, a woman who had her breast chexed off has a better rate of surviving than a male without his penis.
1. "Whoa, dude! There is no bulge in your pants! Did you get chexed?"
"Yeah, and it hurts like hell. My doctor says I will only live for one more week."

2. "Holy shit Martha! Do you have breast cancer? Why do you only have one boob?"
"No, I just got chexed a couple nights ago."

3. "Hey Kevin shouldn't we be chexing tonight? Are you ready to have your dick bitten off?"
"Hell no. I wont live for long if we do that. Let's just go for anal, okay?"
by BeadedDragon600 December 18, 2013