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Verb; Chewies, Chewie, Chew (round of chewies)

'Chewies' refers to the action of a female (whore, slag, bitch, ho) performing oral sex on a male.

Women are often required to perform what is referred to as a 'round of chewies' which is quintessentially 3 separate acts within a short amount of time.

(Chewies can also be used to refer to a woman receiving oral sex)
Gimme a round of chewies
by Chewbaccachewdawgchewmasterche August 07, 2011
coke and weed, in a blunt, pipe whatever
"I smoke chwey like a motherfuckin nut, you got a gram bag get the zags and roll 'er up"
by Nistrams420 April 24, 2004
Wookie sidekick of Han Solo.
by Spyder Mayhem August 15, 2005
a blunt rolled with weed and yayo(coke)
shit i love me some chewy
by blunt1 March 27, 2003
A chewy is another term for brain, or a blowjob, the process of sucking a males's penis
Danielle gave Billy a major chewy.
by Summertah Pop! May 11, 2009
Chewy; noun: a drug consisting of grounded up weed (shake) and cocaine. you can smoke it from a pipe or roll it in a blunt, spliff or joint.
"This chewy got me paranoid and goin kinda scared
Niggaz startin to know my face so I had to cut my hair"

"I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut
ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up"

Andre Nickatina (coke fiend, great rapper)
by xander Fischer September 09, 2007
1. A mixture of marijuana (usually not the chronic, hence the need to do the following) mixed with cocaine. Smoked by way of various means, usually a blunt.
2. A fully shaved vagina that tastes so good that you almost feel the urge to chew on it.
"Bro, I just smoked a fat chewy and it made me want some chewy pretty fucking bad"

"That blunt made my dick shrivel up,, was that a chewy??!!"

"Howd you get that black eye"
"I got kicked in the face when I bit Marissa's chewy"
by heyfever May 02, 2008
pussy or booty
billard : you tryin to get sum chewy tonight?

chow : hell yeah i want some chewy!!!
by ant50 January 13, 2010