a person that means a lot to someone but often taken as a bad name because the stupidity of the person doesn't know what it really means
Person #1: hey can i talk to you. its mega important.

Person #2: yeah of course. what's on your mind, chewb?
by nikhole November 09, 2008
Top Definition
Instead of being an ordinary newb, a chewb is someone whose first name begins with "Ch-"
For example, some names would include Chase, Chris, Christine, Christina, Chloe, Charles, Chester, Charlton, Chewbacca
by Chewbasaur December 28, 2010
A person, usually in a first person-shooter game, that screams and has a tantrum over the stupidest of things. Commonly found on games such as Halo, Halo 2, Counterstrike, Medal of Honor, and so on, chewbs are the worst people to play against because when you beat them, they scream in outrage, and when they beat you, the scream in delight. Lose-loser situation. The begining chew has been derived from Chewbacca, the lovable fur-bag of the oh-so-popular Star Wars series, who due unfortunately to his race, must scream absolutely everything he says. Chewbs have a choice not to, but choose to, therefore adding the aspect of noob.
*chewb gets fragged*
Intelligent person: Calm down, it's just a game.
*chewb gets shot by g3(one hit = kill)*
Intelligent person: Calm down, it's just a game.
by Kascas April 02, 2006
Noun derived from the words cheat and newb. Often holds negative connotation.

Chewb: a new player who employs unfair tactics or gameplay elements in order to remain competitive with more proficient opponents while honing other undeveloped skills. Unlike choobs, chewbs eventually stop relying upon unfair elements once they are more familiar with the gameplay.

Similar term: choob
Player 1: "What do you need handicaps for? Handicaps are for chewbs."
Player 2: "Yeah, but I hardly know how to play. I wouldn't stand a chance without it."
by Lord Zurkov April 22, 2009
One that decides to sport a Chin-Pube-esq beard. The beard is the full width of the chin and the length is typically 1-5" down in Chin-Pube-esq form. Chewb is the perfect combination of the words to describe a manly type Pubey beard protruding from the face.
"Hey dude, your Chewb is so long!"

"Oh my, did you see that guy that just walked by? His chewb was 3", when is the last time he cut it back?"
by poorlil August 14, 2014
Someone who is new to chewing tobacco or does not do it often.
That guy doesn't even know how to pack a can right, what a chewb.
by DudeGuyBub February 11, 2009
Another form of j00b
I just pwned this guy, what a chewb!
by Curt0 August 10, 2005
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