Pendulous breasts that hang like icicles. Related to testicle in the sexual sense, icicle in the structural sense and chest as in their location on the body.
When she reached for the newspaper, her chesticles nearly fell to the pavement.
by gerry January 09, 2005
Top Definition
Noun: Female breasts. Derived from the male word "testicles'".
1) While playing softball, the woman playing third took a line drive right in the chesticles.

2) My your chesticles look lovely today.
by Tyson M. April 28, 2005
Chesticles. The female form of testicles. Also known as, boobies, honkers, cans, cannon or gazongers

Scotty: Check out the chesticles on her!
Mitch: That's my mum dude.
Scotty: So?
by ScottyW November 15, 2006
1. Female breasts. Aka boobs, hooters.
2. The elusive "female intuition".
3. The organ which females think with; the equivalent of a male's penis.
4. A woman's second face.

1. Misa Campo's got nice chesticles.

2. She dumped me because she let her chesticles do the thinking.

3. When your missus is yelling, just nod and look at her chesticles.
by blacklight August 27, 2008
a slang term for either male or female breasts
that woman has massive chesticles
by Mark Peden October 11, 2005
A humorous parody of a male's testicles, Chesticles are an alternate name for a female's tits.
Man that babe had the hugest pair of chesticles i've ever seen!
by Mattycake January 15, 2007
When a woman with large breasts reaches a certain age, the breasts drop, or "descend" like testicles, usually to the middle of the abdomin.
Did you see that old woman??? She had some HUGE chesticles!!
by Hello there sandwich May 25, 2010
Man Boobs.
Dude, did you see that guy's chesticles!!! They're bigger than my Mom's!!
by TheYettiSD March 25, 2011
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