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A fag hag and a furry. Lover of gay men and animals in general.
"Hey Chester_Koil, you fag hag."

"Chester_Koil is a furry."
by Sue Donim December 28, 2004
An immature guy who creates the PXIII forums, known to take them down for no reason, this man should be hurt.
"<3 Feran's Penis"
"I had to take it down because I couldn't focus on my writing."
"You people deserve this, and you need this place."
by Annonymous February 07, 2004
A guy who redefines the word 'mature', in that he's so amazing, that even his short attention span isn't seen as . . . er . . . *goes to jack off*
Chester Koil is my love.
I love Chester Koil.
by Chester Koil December 27, 2004
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