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He is the lead vocals in Linkin Park. He is a Rocker by all means. Oh and his job before linkin park was a waiter.
Chester is a freaky cool guy.
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
Vocalist of the band Linkin Park, formed in 1996. Born on March 20, 1976, Chester Bennington was the final addition to the band and has proven to be an essential asset to their fame. He was wed to Samantha Bennington on October 31st, 1996 and would have been married to her for eight years, this year. However, recently, the finalization of their divorce was made public and they are currently fight for custody of Draven Bennington, the couple's first and only child.

In today's music business, Chester's voice was a breath of fresh air; flawless and beautiful, even despite the screaming. Many believe that the band would not be where they are, today, without Chester's voice.
Chester Bennington is a beautiful man.
by ashleyll June 01, 2005
Lead singer of the coolest rock/hip-hop band on the face of God's Green Earth, Linkin Park. Is married to Samantha Bennington, with one child, Draven Sebastian, born 2002.

Looks awesome with spiked up blonde hair.
Chester Bennington is so freakin cool!
by Jimmy April 25, 2005
Screamer of the century.Lead vocalist of Linkin Park.
Chester Bennington is the best rock singer ever.

A very devoted person,he says tattoos are like marriage-theyre permanent.

Currently married to ex model Talinda Bentley.
He has 3 kids,all of whom play soccer.

He wears spectacles but removes them onstage.

He was a waiter,but he loves his current job so much,he even spent one birthday practising to get some chords right.

He is the latest addition to the nu metal band Linkin Park.

He has the loudest voice,and often wears white clothes that are a wee bit too tight.

Because of him,New Divide is the best metal song anyone would want to hear.
Lp fan 1.0:"dude,i got Mike Shinoda's autograph!!!"

Lp fan 2.0:"yeah so,i got Chester Bennington's!"

Lp fan 3.0:"i'm the luckiest.i got both!"

Lp fans 1.0 and 2.0:*OMG expression*
by iHEARTshialabeouf December 27, 2009
During a concert chester once broke his wrist on stage, instead of stopping the whole show he carried on performing and waited until after the show to go to the emergency room.
That is dedication.
Chester Bennington = legend.
by Lplover July 09, 2011
the epitome of all things intense.
Some wacko: what is this, pop tart?

Me: it's a Chester Bennington thing.
by Nizrhane Abdallah January 18, 2004
A Chester Bennington is a sexual act in the style of a reverse Gonzo. Rather than putting you balls on the persons eyes and letting the penis hang down over the nose, the balls are placed on the chest (Chester) and the penis is laid across the face.
Yeah, after I blew my load on her face I gave her a Chester Bennington
by Ronda Arousme October 14, 2015
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