The act of finding a sleezy girl and coralling her to your room. Then insisting that she eat a family size bag of cheetos. After consuming the bag of cheetos, the girl will then proceed to give the man an handjob. Before he ejaculates the girl must begin to give the man head until he does ejaculate. Therefore tasting the full deliciousness of a Chester Cheeto. Very common at Kent State University and Edinboro University.
Jason: "Did you see Glenn took Katherine home last night?"
Kyle:"Yeah I heard he got a Chester Cheeto"
Jason:"Lucky dog"

chester cheetos head sex moves handjob kent state edinboro
by moseschristianseanathontheIII October 07, 2011
Top Definition
An act similar to the dirty sanchez, where you give someone a mustache with cheeto grease. (the orange gunk you get on your fingers after eating a bag)

related to orangina
he looked lihe an irish Hitler when I gave him a Chester Cheeto
by KerminSR September 03, 2006
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