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Another word for chode or durf.
Dude, your chert smells like big foot's dick!
by MVtaintlick1975 November 14, 2006
1. A proclamation of a lovely and individualistic event.
2. Utterance displaying moment of joy and exultation at the quality of a moment in life.
"Dude, the mantle crux on that 5.10c crack was so chert!"
by Kigs December 06, 2006
Slang word meaning "Whatever" or "Yea right"
Ugly Whore: "Man im so sexy"

Guy that heard it: "Chert!"
by Joseph Filla October 07, 2004
An incredibly greasy pussy.

Stan: "Dude, Tara is such a babe."
Fred: "Nah dude, she's got the biggest chert. Don't go for her."
by Alex Hudock February 13, 2009