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cherry-and-also-bomb a famous tumblr blog with more than 40,000 followers. flawless and perf. she is sweet sarcastic and answers most of her asks. She is also super thin and doesn't take shit from anybody. Infamously known to self promote with the words "vintage/grunge" but now has stopped self promoting. Her real name is Emma and she is also known as "caab" short for her url.
Jane: You follow caab right?
John: You cherry-and-also-bomb? I mean obviously. Who doesn't?
by tumblrperson120 January 07, 2013
A famous tumblr blogger who is tumblr royalty. She has almost 60,000 followers and is well known through out tumblr. Basically a legend. Many know her as the Vaseline Queen, CAAB, Emma, or just plain cherry-and-also-bomb. She can be feisty but that is because she is fierce as well as fab. She is known for putting 3 hearts on her posts, it being her signature. All Hail the Vaseline Queen.
Loser 1: Who the hell is cherry-and-also-bomb
Loser 2: Are you kidding me, she's the vaseline queen. How can you not know caab?
by starletharlet49 May 11, 2013

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