one big heaping ball of vein and tissue, that scares the shit out of you, as it emerges from your asshole. the grand-daddy of all giant hemorroids, usually caused by painting in extreme temperatures without underwear.
Honey, can I borrow a Kotex? I've got a fucking cherry tomato in my ass that's gonna blow!
by Jon Craptree August 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. To take advantage for personal profit.

2. To not deliver products of necessary value.
To be cherry tomatoed (to be ripped off or not get what you ordered)

To pull a cherry tomato on someone (to trick someone or deliver only a garnish and not a meal)

A cherry tomatoer (a person who delights in behaving like, or doing things of a cherry tomato nature)
by Amy August 22, 2004
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