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one big heaping ball of vein and tissue, that scares the shit out of you, as it emerges from your asshole. the grand-daddy of all giant hemorroids, usually caused by painting in extreme temperatures without underwear.
Honey, can I borrow a Kotex? I've got a fucking cherry tomato in my ass that's gonna blow!
by Jon Craptree August 22, 2009
2 7
1. To take advantage for personal profit.

2. To not deliver products of necessary value.
To be cherry tomatoed (to be ripped off or not get what you ordered)

To pull a cherry tomato on someone (to trick someone or deliver only a garnish and not a meal)

A cherry tomatoer (a person who delights in behaving like, or doing things of a cherry tomato nature)
by Amy August 22, 2004
10 6