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The state of a relationship when you're not quite dating but not just friends. Neither party is sure if they like the other enough to date, yet continue to do most of the same things as people in committed relationships. If they get tired of one another, they can simply return to "just friend" status without social upheaval.

So named because of the tomato's role as not quite a fruit and not quite a vegetable and not to be confused with fuck buddies or sex friends.
Ryan and Jesse are tomatoed - they hang out all the time, but it's still not official.
by dkohler October 29, 2011
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When an individual drinks too much, his face becomes bright red - or "Tomatoed"
Matt: Wow... Calvin has already polished off his 2-6 hey?
Derek: Yeah, he's definitely gettin' tomatoed tonight!!
by mshmeta June 11, 2013
I word that David "Fuzzy" Garber likes to post twice.
David "Fuzzy" Garber will get tomatoed if he posts it one more time.
by Shang November 29, 2003
To get squashed so hard by something that your blood squirts out of your body like a tomato.
After I made fun of Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, he tomatoed me.
by David "Fuzzy" Garber November 27, 2003
To get squished or squashed so hard that your blood squirts out like a tomato.
I made fun of Mr. T, and he tomatoed me.
by David "Fuzzy" Garber November 27, 2003

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