The act of eating out your favorite hoochie while she is on her period. Usually this is performed (but not limited to) while she is on all fours, while the guy/other hoochie is upside down tonguing near or around the bung.
Desperate skeez: "Come on baby, just let me eat dat fine puss."

Hoochie: "But I'm on my period foo..."

Desperate skeez: "That's alright, I'm always lookin for a tasty cherry turnover."
by Eric, Tony, Josh January 22, 2008
Top Definition
1. n. The act of flipping over a virgin onto her stomach so that one does not have to endure her abrasive wails of pain or expressions of love.
-Hey Max, what were those noises I was hearing from your apartment last night?
-Oh, I was just enjoying a cherry turnover.
by Engelpoppers December 16, 2011
A female virgin who "turns over" to the lesbian side.

A girl who lets another girl pop her cherry.
Boy: How do you know you're a lesbian if you're a virgin?

Girl: I'm a cherry turnover!
by BumbleMuffin November 19, 2010
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