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A portmanteau of the names Charles and Erik, portraying the undeniable love between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr.
Specifically, from the film X-Men: First Class.
Example 1:

Cherik shipper: How did over two hours of film go by without a Cherik make-out scene?


Example 2:

Cherik shipper: Cherik need to get a room with all the eye fucking they're doing.
by //K. January 01, 2012
A ship, or pairing, of the two fictional characters Charles Xavior and Erik Lehnsherr from the X-Men franchise. The most popular version of this ship on the X-Men time line is during X-Men: First Class, during which time the characters are portrayed by actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. It is one of the most popular ships in the X-Men fandom and causes 95% of fans to experience "feels". If you don't ship it, you obviously don't have a soul or working eyes.
Fan 1: OMG OMG OMG do you ship cherik?
Fan 2: Yes! Oh my God! It's my OTP!
Fan 1: It's so canon, the ships practically sails itself!
by oceaneyes July 29, 2014
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