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A typical female pikey name, originating in Isle of Sheppey. It came about after a misspelling of the name Cheryl

On the Isle is commonly mispronunced as Shir-rel, but this is a common misconception as in reality its more common variants are Shir-relly, Chair-elly or Shur-elly.

Defining charcteristics of your typical "Cherelle" are that of dark mascara, dark hair, pale skin, a very voluptuous upper body and very well maintained booty

Due to their appearence it is a common misconception that these beings are goths but do not be fooled as they are just typically pikeys
I went to see Cheryl...Cherellie...Cherelley...err I went to see that pikey girl today
by Wai Taklun July 31, 2006
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