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A fleshy foot and a half penis shaped extension surgically added to your chin.
The drum major had to order a special chin strap to accomodate his sweet chenis.
by Sam Morrison December 21, 2003
A small Asian man who only thinks with his penis. A source of common derision
For fucks sake Chenis!

You made a right chenis of that!

Give them a good chenising
by chenis May 02, 2014
A male sexual organ, the penis, that is crafted from cheese.
My, Caruthers, what a large chenis that is over there!
by robbo111 July 05, 2006
Cheating pennis
Jesse James pennis is a Chenis
by Popeye_MA March 18, 2010
Chinese Penis
"That Asian man had a very small Chenis"
by Shane November 21, 2003
A chickens penis....chicken + penis = CHENIS!!! also chinese food at NEW CHINA in dub c
Hey pass those chenises over here! mmmmmm!!!!
by bobjoe December 26, 2003
a penis made of cheese
i stick mah chenis in yo eye foo
by Rigby December 24, 2004
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