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A smart girl that uses too many big words, not afraid to express herself, has SO many blonde moments despite the fact that she is now brunette. True Indiana girl, but LOVES her freakin' Jags! Likes bacon too much, and oh did I mention her smarticles? O.o
-a dude walks over to Chelsye-

"Hey dude, can you help me with my Algebra homework?"

"Sure, just divide this, subtract that, find the circumfrence of that, and your on your way!"

"She's too smart for me."
by Maci GORDON May 05, 2010
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A great friend who is crazy & wild. Loves to drink & prides herself on certain oral skills. She loves the Florida sun, lives off of eggs, & is absolutely BEAUTIFUL :)
Chelsye B. is AWESOME.
by BADOWWWW February 04, 2010
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