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Noun, Overly gym pumped (usually from steriods), Banana Republic wearing, Clinique face moisturizer puttin', Martha Stewart Home buying, Fire Island (N.Y.) weekending, snotty, lispy, disco-dancing gay man.

Usually found in but not limited to Chelsea, the new gay ghetto of Manhattan (west side from 14th St to 32nd St). But since the start of circuit parties -- the White Party in South Beach, Las Vegas, Palm Springs -- they're sprouting up everywhere. See also Aberclonebie.
1. I hate that club. The music sucks and it's just a bunch of drugged up Chelsea queens showing off their pecs.

2. I had to switch gyms. You could never get on the machines because of all the Chelsea queens chatting each other up.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
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