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A gay man who spends an obsessive amount of time in the gym working on sculpting his body -- not for health reasons -- only to show it off in a club or on the beach.
1. Richard couldn't seem to find time in between work and his gym schedule for a relationship. He is such a gym bunny.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
1. Painful memories, mistrust and hurt carried around from past sexual or emotional rejection.

2. An excuse commonly used by Peter Pans and other immature men to avoid commmitment yet maintain a sexual relationship.
1. I don't think I can handle a real relationship right now. I need some time to get over my emotional baggage.

2. See above...
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
1. Verb, to have sex (in any form). Usually quick or very intense sexual encounters due to secrecy, emotional baggage, timing, or relationship unavailability of you or the other person involved. See also nooner.
1. I wonder how many Real World contestants had it off when the cameras weren't rolling? I'd definitely have it off with Dan Renzi.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
Noun, Overly gym pumped (usually from steriods), Banana Republic wearing, Clinique face moisturizer puttin', Martha Stewart Home buying, Fire Island (N.Y.) weekending, snotty, lispy, disco-dancing gay man.

Usually found in but not limited to Chelsea, the new gay ghetto of Manhattan (west side from 14th St to 32nd St). But since the start of circuit parties -- the White Party in South Beach, Las Vegas, Palm Springs -- they're sprouting up everywhere. See also Aberclonebie.
1. I hate that club. The music sucks and it's just a bunch of drugged up Chelsea queens showing off their pecs.

2. I had to switch gyms. You could never get on the machines because of all the Chelsea queens chatting each other up.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005

1. The uncanny ability or supernatural power possessed by most gay men, lesbians and fag hags to detect gayness in others. Is highly effective, especially if the object is in the near vicinity.

2. An imaginary internal machine that registers and detects radiated gayness. A gay-o-meter.

3. An obnoxious but addictive website for gay men to post personals and pictures, hook up with others and diss anyone who isn't a Chelsea queen or gym bunny.
1. Sam says he's straight, but my gaydar tells me otherwise.

2. The cute new temp at work is setting off my gaydar.

3. Man1: How was your date last night?
Man2: Awful. He didn't look anything like his Gaydar pictures.
Man1: So did you have it off?
Man2: Of course.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
1. Any man who refuses to grow up and accept his responsibilities.

2. Gay slang for a middle-aged or older gay man who refuses to grow up emotionally, chases after younger men and usually wears Abercrombie & Fitch and 2(x)ist tighty whities.
1. Get real! Your PlayStation playing, no job havin', weed smokn' boyfriend is never going to ask you to marry him.

2. I like Ted, but he's 43 and he's never had a real boyfriend. Either he's a circuit queen, a whore or a Peter Pan.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
1.Song by ABBA
Money Money Money
Always sunny
In a rich man's world,
by DancingQueen December 29, 2013

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