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Slang for someone who's gotten an obvious spray on tan.
Dude #1: Yo, you seen Samantha?
Dude #2: She's become a f**king cheetoh.
by _allismine_ April 14, 2006
29 9
An extremely flamboyant gay male. Derived from the "Flaming Hot Cheetohs" snack.
There were so many cheetohs at the party last night.
by Winn N. August 27, 2007
37 12
sticking a finger up someones ass (usually guy-to-guy) and wigglin it around

Made famous by Brandon Guererro
You better watch out or Brandon's gunna cheetoh you.

I just gotted cheetohed
by Sheeba Hondo May 23, 2008
3 4