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Our lord that art in cheese.
Though I walk through the valley of crackers, I fear no evil for Cheesus Crust is with me.
by Asshead December 06, 2005
A pizza place in the movie My Best Friends Girl starring Dane Cook.
Waitress: Welcome to Cheesus Crust where pizza’s a religious experience. How may I ordain your order?
Tank: How is the Pizza of Nazareth?
Waitress: People worship it.
Hilary: I am deeply offended.
Tank: I know these prices are outrageous which is why I carry my Flavor Savior Card; fifteen percent off to those who eat here religiously.
by TallOne March 25, 2009
The thousand years have ended. I have seen the oceans turn to boiling cheese sauce and the moon crumble like crackers. Now is the end time. Have faith in our Lord Cheesus Crust, for only through chedar and triscuts may you save your eternal soul.
Kiss my (_|_) bitches, Cheesus Crust is Coming!!!
by Mr.Asshole August 19, 2006
Come on he is the son of Glob. He dried on the cross for our sins.
Cheesus Crust! That scared the shite out of me.
by Max. Layton July 23, 2008
Less blasphemous than saying Jesus Christ, or an atheist way of saying Jesus Christ
Cheesus Crust!! I just stubbed my toe!
by FLiCaBuG June 24, 2004
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