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3 definitions by Mr.Asshole

The thousand years have ended. I have seen the oceans turn to boiling cheese sauce and the moon crumble like crackers. Now is the end time. Have faith in our Lord Cheesus Crust, for only through chedar and triscuts may you save your eternal soul.
Kiss my (_|_) bitches, Cheesus Crust is Coming!!!
by Mr.Asshole August 19, 2006
In the world of model trains, there is only one GOD. The true N Scale overlord. He is the master of all things toy train.
Dude1- Hey man, I bought my dad a trainset for X-mas from Shaneimus Maximus.

Dude2- From the N Scale GOD himself?

Dude1- Yeah, it was a mind altering experience.

Dude2 - Dude.
by Mr.Asshole August 19, 2006
A declaration that roughly means impending ass-kicking.
You diss'n me? Geronimo Bunga motherfucker!!!
by Mr.Asshole August 19, 2006