Usually an adjective for a generic or dopey female. One that usually wears tacky or 'cheesy' clothes; ie: Budweiser
tanks and mom jeans would indicate a 'cheesemuffin'.
Jessica Simpson was a total cheesemuffin when she didn't have a stylist. The crimped hair and leopard unitards personified her as a cheesemuffin.
by Audrey J. May 20, 2008
Top Definition
Wife, Girlfriend, Close Friend
you lookin fine my little cheesemuffin!

what would i do without my cheesemuffin.

Wanna be my cheesemuffin!?!?!?
by Anonomyistical July 10, 2008
bunching your 'package' up, and rubbing it on someone.
Amy: oh my god man, beau totally just cheese muffin'd tim!
Kyra: yeah haha, i totally saw that.
by AMEEEEEEEH September 15, 2009
Tasty delight full treat invloving a muffin, filled with cheese (most common, blue or goat cheese)
mmm that was a tasty cheese muffin
by Derek Doo October 07, 2003
Either a very diseased muffin or a person that is annoying or pissing you off!
"Mr Gumpy is such a Cheesemuffin!"
by Kerpal September 29, 2003
It is the best thing you will ever taste and the best way to annoy someone. All you have to do is add grated cheddar cheese to a muffin recipe and sprinkle some on top of the muffin before you bake it. It is full of deliciousness and will creep your friends out with the idea of it, but it's very good! Happy baking!
Bob:"Hey u want some of my Cheesemuffin?"
Friend:"Eww no what is that?"
Bob:"It's a muffin with cheese in it! It's actually really good"
Friend:"Ok... so have you seen any movies lately?"
by DaMuffinMan(Jerry W) February 12, 2007
A phrase commonly used by Cody. Replaces any and all swear words.
Aw Cheesemuffin! I want to cheesemuffin you like an animal.
by Mother February 25, 2004
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