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refers to the feeling one gets after eating large amounts of food. often associated with the need to take a nap after eating.
"man, i think all that effin' food gave me a bad case of niggeritis"
by mother February 25, 2005
A sketchy, scheming, mischievous, and strangely built young man who seems to tittilate any women he comes in contact with.
Diana: Did you see that guy? He was a totally sketchy guy. He was a total Noahh.
Other: Noahh!
by Mother March 31, 2005
Use interchangably for pretty much any fucking word you want.
Samoonth me the remote cunthole. Or Don't samoonth at me cunthole.
by Mother July 29, 2003
A phrase commonly used by Cody. Replaces any and all swear words.
Aw Cheesemuffin! I want to cheesemuffin you like an animal.
by Mother February 25, 2004
Fat Drag Queen From Menomonie.
Samoontha, you are fat.
by Mother July 29, 2003
Pussy, cunthole, slit, Mangina
Eat my chocha
by Mother July 29, 2003
Devoid of clue
How many times do you need to be told? Fuckwit.
See fuckwit.info for more examples...
by Mother February 20, 2003

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