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noun- a term referring to any sort of TV show, movie, or event in which the jokes, plotline, presenters or actors themselves are cheesy. cheesy as in corny, stupid, or even cringe-inducingly unfunny.

boyfriends often have to endure many Cheesefests at the hands of their needy, idiotic girlfriends. every guy has a breaking point at the number of Cheesefests he can withstand.

the guys who get laid the most are practically immune to them, hence their waxy appearance and glazed eyes.
Boy: so where do you want to go tonight for our second date?
Girl: ooo a new romantic comedy with anne hathaway is out! or maybe that disney one with miley cyrus and ashley tisdale!

Boy: *cringes* not another Cheesefest!
by societymongerer July 23, 2009
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A situation where two opposing sides are at a stalemate and have no hope of resolving the situation.
A zerg vs. zerg fight was a total cheesefest! The game went on forever!
by srav July 10, 2008
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Pervert; One who practices sexual perversion.
Random: I'm bored...
Cheesefest: Why don't you play with yourself?
by Bonnie... January 31, 2008
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Several people sitting down together after a meal to share a large cheeseboard with crackers
Following dinner they all sat down to enjoy a huge cheesefest
by StumpyPete July 26, 2016
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