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A person or creature who, while being heavily under the influence of marijuana, scrounges intently through a refridgerator in search of cheese. They enjoy any type of cheese, from blue cheese to gouda cheese. The phrase "Cheese Rat!" is most commonly said in a distorted English accent.
Darryl: "Excuse me, can I help you find something?"
Glen: "Yes, where do you keep your cheese!?"
Darryl: (Laughter) "Well aren't you a Cheese Rat!"

Kurtis: "Look at that guy... looking for cheese, are we?"
Paul: "Cheese Rat!"
by cheese_rat January 05, 2010

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A person that has similar traits to that of a mouse, often looking like they could hold a cube of cheese to their mouth and nibble away!
Wow look at that girl over at the food court, such a cheeserat!
by zedominat0r June 22, 2011