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A VERY yummy cheese cracker. the cheese is BUILT IN!! At first taste, they suck. However, they continuosly grow on you. Pretty soon, you and the nips will be making out. YAY 4 THE NIPS!!
omg, these cheesenips are poppin!! just like my LIP GLOSS!
by Usherlover June 11, 2007
A name for a girl with a nasty cheese smell (i.e. michelle K)
Even trucks need baths or u start to smell like cheese nips
by John January 21, 2005
noun meaning a person who is a mix between a Mexican and a Causcasian. In elite circles in Colorado, Mexicans are known as Cheddars. Since white people are know as crackers, a child of the two would be called this.
My nephew is a Cheese Nip.
by Bibi May 10, 2006