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A variety of drunk food that involves melting copious amonts of cheese on bread. There are several varieties of toppings that may be added, including garlic powder, salami, bacon and/or fresh basil.
We got home from the bar and made some sweet, sweet cheese bread.
#cheesebread #cheesy goodness #delicious #drunk food #food #bread #cheese
by Canmor August 11, 2009
when you dent your car so bad that it looks like a piece of bread smothered with cheese.
AH FUCK i just cheesebreaded my car! my dads gonna KILL ME!
#cheese bread #car #bread #cheese #garlic
by David Cheese November 10, 2008
a multi perpose word denoting laziness, obesity, greasiness, obsession, and a generally repulsive and unhealthy lifestyle.

it originated from a youtube hip-hop video called "everyday normal crew" by comedy rapper jon lajoie , wherein he introduces a friend of his who he calls "cheese bread" because of his habit of getting out of bed every morning, putting "five slice of cheese on five slice of bread", " microwaving that shit" eating it, and going back to bed.

the main useage is the verb form, in which case, "to cheese bread" something, or "cheese breading" something means to obsess over or overdo one single activity.

in adjective form, cheese bread describes a person as disgusting or lazy , or a period of time spent behaving in a disgusting , lazy or unhealthy manner.

1: "i'm taking a week off work so i can cheese-bread gears of war 3 "
2: my parents just got into the wire , they're cheese breading that shit."
3: i can't listen to that album anymore, i cheese breaded it and i'm sick of it now."


1: "yo man i got up at 2:30 pm today, smoked a fat ass j bone, and ate nine cans of ravioli while watching 25 back-to-back episodes of my little pony : friendship is magic. i didn't brush my teeth or take a shower or anything. it was totally fucking cheese bread."
#lazy #obese #disgusting #ocd #my little pony
by fangdangler May 03, 2011
Absolute fucking nobhead with an annoyingly cheesy smile, a really minute penis and a crack addiction. Live's in a crack den.
(small) (penis) (wanker) (cheesebread)
#dick #nob #irritating #cheesy #unic
by speedebacon December 13, 2013
A fluid state of being, that encompasses all human experience. It can never be exceeded.
Gig: Dude, lolcats just spammed my computer
Bronte: Bewm cheesebread.

Bronte: Dude, steve buscemeyes?
Gig: BeWHM cheesebread!
#bewm #not so boner #yey #waow #dude
by Franginal-Gooch Agency April 24, 2011
When engaging in sexual activity, the male will expel stool on a females hand, the female will then smear the stool on the males testis (works best when testis or shrunken) and then proceed to lick it off.
Oh baby I think we are in that point of our relationship where you can cheesebread me.
#sex #grope #positions #disguisting #cheese #bread
by muffinmafia September 11, 2007
Soggy greasy bread with penis cheese dripped on top
ashlyy, kingsley, time for cheese bread
by Mcfarts June 06, 2003
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