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"Cheer Up Emo Kid" is the phrase said to a person who is feeling emotionally down over one thing or another.
"My boyfriend and i are losers"
"Cheer Up Emo Kid"
by tozza September 28, 2003
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A hilarious webcomic satire on dark and emo-esque topics. Usually involves lots of gore.
Guy 1: whatcha doin?

Guy 2: just looking at some cheer up emo kid

Guy 1: I love that webcomic!
by RainbowNinja July 06, 2009
a somg by patent pending

a term used by emo kids who want to try and make other emo kids feel a little better.

a popular phrase used in lots of emo songs, and said by the typical emo kid, or by someone sick of listening to an emo kid cry and/or complain.
emo is fucking awesome
don't ever question that.
why are you still reading this???
by chickenpantspooper March 05, 2005
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