Another word for the drug/narcotic substance Marijuana.
"Go smoke some cheeba!"
by IceWarm November 20, 2004
Noun: one of many street names for the holiest of holy, almighty peacebringer known as Marijuana

See also: wordpot wordweed wordganja
Yo man, do you know where a brother might score some cheeba right now?
by Duke July 10, 2003
1) (n) See marijuana. Company inscriptions on pharmaceutical drugs read "ciba", pronounced "cheeba".
2) (n) Black, sticky, gooey Brazilian marijuana often sold in pounds. "Some call it cheeba, some call it weed" -- Schoolly D. (Saturday night ??).
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
another word for weed, or pot
"Dude I did nothing all day, but smoke that sweet sweet cheeba"
by missessmells May 26, 2005
or Chiba, Cheba, Chiva. The definition of this word depends upon the population, geography, and even the social strata of where it is spoken. On the streets of downtown Los Angeles "Cheeba" is synonomous with black tar Heroin.
During a stroll down San Pedro blvd between 4th & 8th street in downtown LA (or in that general area) one will likely hear passers by mumble words like "Cheeba" or "Cabby." These people are either selling or pursuing Heroin (known as "Cheeba") or Crack Cocaine (known as "Cabby").
by Prone Cobra April 04, 2006
marijuana, chronic, droll, endo, mary jane ..just another word for that sweet herb
Man When Chris Brought Over that sweet bag of cheeba the party got fucking started bro.
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
Like the word Dope, Cheeba does not meen Pot. It's a perversion of the spanish word Chiva which is slang for Heroin.
Can you score me some Cheeba?
by Guermont June 18, 2005
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