When a girl with braces gives head to a man and runs her teeth on the penis because she is not very good at giving head. The braces scrape the penis and hurt the male a lot. Resembles a cheese grater.
John: Dude i heard Alice gave you head! How was it man?
Travis: It was horrible she cheddar cheesed my cock.
John: Oh man i'm sorry maybe she will get better with practice.
by mistur bigg April 05, 2010
Top Definition
The best cheese. The cheese of cheeses. The king of all cheese products, not to be questioned by anyone.

Cures all disease, solves all problems, and creates world peace.
This is Cheddar Cheese. Fuck all other cheeses.
by Speeps September 26, 2010
M0ney hoe

paper. money. bread. moolah. dinero.
Yeea nigga i stay gettin dat cheddah cheese yawp u-c-it
CHEDDAR CHEESE <---- thas how we do it out here though iN dA BAY straite up bruh!
by Ayana boo February 24, 2008
When a women gives head to a uncircumsized penis that leaves a trace of a creamy, yellow substance in her mouth
Oh my God! that was the worst head i ever gave, He gave me cheddar cheese!!
by Rikanblaze February 02, 2011
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