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A general rule of society. Any other race can be racist and white people are the devil. If an asian guy calls a black guy a slur, he's racist. If a black guy calls an asian guy a slur, he's very un-racist and a perfect angel. If a white guy walks down the street, he's obviously in the KKK and is also Nazi German Filth and should die.

Generally, %99.9999999 of what white people say is a racial slur. Also, they were created by an evil scientist to destroy the superior black race.
Black dude: Motherfucking cracker ass cracker.
White guy: You're right. I am. I have to go kill myself now.

Black dude: What the fuck you lookin at, towelhead?
Sikh dude: Whoa whoa, what are you racist?
Black dude: Hey! I'm black. Don't call me a racist, you racist motherfucker.
Sikh dude: I'm sorry. I forgot black people can't be racist.
by Speeps September 27, 2010
1. A delicious food you put RIDICULOUS and WACKY condiments on. It is unknown just how HIGH you have to BE to DO something like that.

2. A particularly fine-ass deity.
"Today, I put...JELLY on this hot god."

- Sweet Bro

"That statue of Zeus is making me feel a little gay."

- Anonymous
by Speeps September 15, 2010
What you say whenever leaving a room full of people looking at you.
Jasper: Sir, I regret to inform you that the smell of your trousers has attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

Sir Reginald: I see...

*awkward silence as everyone stares*

Sir Reginald: Fuck you motherfuckers.

by Speeps March 16, 2011

It's also a video game.
*kicks gnome upside the fucking head*


That's Golden Axe.
by Speeps March 03, 2010
Like no other air in the world. It smells of cabbies and brings back memories of playing b-ball outside of the school. Many tourists visit Bel-Prince in order to chill out, max, and relax, often stopping to enjoy it's world famous fresh air.

It is a citywide custom to throw witless, glasses-wearing, washed-up rappers out of one's house through the front door. Traditionally in Bel-Prince, youths are raised by their uncles and have terrible fathers. This spawned the famous phrase, "How come he don't want me, man?"

There is a giant gold statue of Alfonso Ribeiro in the lobby of Bel-Prince city hall.
"My number one reason for coming is the fresh air of Bel-Prince." - Sir Patrick Stewart
by Speeps October 18, 2010
The best cheese. The cheese of cheeses. The king of all cheese products, not to be questioned by anyone.

Cures all disease, solves all problems, and creates world peace.
This is Cheddar Cheese. Fuck all other cheeses.
by Speeps September 26, 2010
A phrase often uttered in response to something to which you didn't know how to respond; A phrase so nonsensical it immediately wins any argument and bests other nonsense, causing all forms of argument and nonsense to cease due to extreme confusion on everybody's part.

(Please note that there have been rare occasions in which a person who hears 'penis luigi' responds as if it made complete sense, and even agrees with it. This could be due to levels of confusion so high that a brain lesion occurs, causing the hearer to go into a fit of temporary insanity.

Also note that 'penis luigi' seems to have little to no effect on insane persons in general.)
"You're an idiot, skrulls are fucking awesome!"

"Penis luigi."


"My hair is a bird. Your argument is--"

"Penis luigi."
by Speeps March 03, 2010

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