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The area in which if god were to give the world an enema the tube would be place.

Also known as Chevegas
Got to go to the doctor to get a Cheboygan
by Daemien May 10, 2011
11 1
Small Michigan town about 15 minutes south of the Mackinaw Bridge. Known for having only 3 large families, drug trafficing, and pedophiles.
"Hey man, I'm going to Cheboygan!"
by fate_or_destiny April 14, 2009
56 13
Home of what is likely the most over-zealous police force in America. Also notable for being a town in constant decline and located not far from the top tourist destinations in the state of Michigan.

Sometimes known by its nickname Chevegas

Nearby towns actually worth visiting: Petoskey, St. Ignace, Mackinaw City, Indian River, Gaylord (yes, really)
Only in Cheboygan can the local newspaper release a supplement showing a promising future one day and the local hospital declare bankruptcy the next.
by cheboygan native March 02, 2012
13 1
Just slang for "Its Your Boy Again"
Hey mang, whats poppin?

Its cheboygan


by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008
9 20