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Small Michigan town about 15 minutes south of the Mackinaw Bridge. Known for having only 3 large families, drug trafficing, and pedophiles.
"Hey man, I'm going to Cheboygan!"
by fate_or_destiny April 14, 2009
Home of what is likely the most over-zealous police force in America. Also notable for being a town in constant decline and located not far from the top tourist destinations in the state of Michigan.

Sometimes known by its nickname Chevegas

Nearby towns actually worth visiting: Petoskey, St. Ignace, Mackinaw City, Indian River, Gaylord (yes, really)
Only in Cheboygan can the local newspaper release a supplement showing a promising future one day and the local hospital declare bankruptcy the next.
by cheboygan native March 02, 2012
The area in which if god were to give the world an enema the tube would be place.

Also known as Chevegas
Got to go to the doctor to get a Cheboygan
by Daemien May 10, 2011
Just slang for "Its Your Boy Again"
Hey mang, whats poppin?

Its cheboygan


by SpeedEuphoria May 30, 2008

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