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Someone who buys video games that are cheap or on sale
Guy: Hey dude are you going to get the new call of duty
Kurt Von Hofe: Nah I might get Fifa 07 instead
Guy:Wow dude your a mad cheapy
by Lildog October 09, 2011
cheapies (n). Schoolboy sexual thrills.
"Miss Pollard bent down to pick
up the chalk giving William his cheapies."
( from 'William stirs below' by
Richmal Compton ).
by C February 24, 2004
a person experiencing tremendous excitability over something that is relatively lame. i.e cheap thrills.
"look at im, he's really gettin-em; them cheapies are oozing from he little benny(ala flop)"
by Mr Dekka February 29, 2008
A feature for a cell phone that does not have an actual GPS inside that attempts to tell the cell phone's location.
This stupid cheapie-s thinks I am two blocks from here.
by Pentalive December 04, 2007
Some chick who will perform wierd sexual acts for less than a buck.
Ay Foo, remember that cheapy from last week? She was da bomb deezy!
by Valente Avila November 21, 2006