Some chick who will perform wierd sexual acts for less than a buck.
Ay Foo, remember that cheapy from last week? She was da bomb deezy!
by Valente Avila November 21, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who buys video games that are cheap or on sale
Guy: Hey dude are you going to get the new call of duty
Kurt Von Hofe: Nah I might get Fifa 07 instead
Guy:Wow dude your a mad cheapy
by Lildog October 09, 2011
a person experiencing tremendous excitability over something that is relatively lame. i.e cheap thrills.
"look at im, he's really gettin-em; them cheapies are oozing from he little benny(ala flop)"
by Mr Dekka February 29, 2008
cheapies (n). Schoolboy sexual thrills.
"Miss Pollard bent down to pick
up the chalk giving William his cheapies."
( from 'William stirs below' by
Richmal Compton ).
by C February 24, 2004
A feature for a cell phone that does not have an actual GPS inside that attempts to tell the cell phone's location.
This stupid cheapie-s thinks I am two blocks from here.
by Pentalive December 04, 2007
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