Ch + yeah - y = chea

A simple equation for those of us who don't wanna say "yeah".
A: "So you commin to the game?"
B: "chea, dude"
by Dooble Punk February 16, 2005
a better way to say duh.
are you going to class tomorrow?
chea (sarcastic tone), you think im gonna miss the midterm? dumbass.
by i should be studying March 06, 2005
Mr. Ray Apes favorite word
MARK: CHEA get out the jar of mayonnaise says I
by Big Weiner Stanley Steamer April 18, 2005
ay gay word made up by a L.a rapper that goes by the name Anthony aka abnormal...
chea i love cassidy and its Strictly Business yah get that...
by jt money March 01, 2005

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