A another word for Yes
You wanna go to the mall?"
Chea chea"
by edd November 23, 2003
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1. An affirmative response
2. An exclamation
3. An agreeing response
4. A greeting
5. A phrase used when parting with someone
1. Chea, i can pick you up later.
2. CHEA!!!!
3. Chea, that is a good movie.
4. Chea, hows it goin.
5. I'll see you tomorrow, chea.
by Jack May 31, 2004
1. Another way of saying YEA YA

2. The Ace of Spades in any card game
1. -Are you goin clubbin tonight Dunturrius?
-CHEA, is chu?

2. -Whoever has an Ace is gonna win this hand
-Wayull, I gotst the CHEA
-I'm gon have to fold deen
by afro muffuqa November 20, 2004
common last name for many cambodians or asians
what is your name?
diana chea
by ds chea January 15, 2009
Chea is another form of saying 'Yes, Yeah, Yeh, Yea' etc, when said it is usually pronounced with a firm sometimes loud voice, listen to any dipset song
Me: Aye! Jackson!
Jackson: CHEA!
Me: Chea!Killa!Aye!
by Jose87 October 20, 2006
creating happy experiences always

or anything else you want it to fuckin' mean

We chea all day urrday
by cheanation April 06, 2011
chea is a differnt to say yeah to a question or exclamation
Are you going to the movies?
Chea, Man
by abercombie March 17, 2005
A term referring to all people/places/things involving or appreciated during the use of marijuana.
You're such a chea. All you do is sit around on your chea couch smoking your chea joints and eating chea snacks.
by BeerRiver38 October 13, 2009

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