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man... you guys have it ALL wrong... chaz isn't something explainable... it's a state of mind... it's like ... being on a beach, hanging out with this awesome chick, listening to great music and watching the sun rise... now that's chazzy!
"man... i really need to chaz out"
"now that's chazzy chazzed"
"WHOA, i am so chazzed right now"
"one who is chazzed"
by matter of fact February 28, 2004
175 167
The coolest guy you'll ever meet. He's artistic and creative. Also is a very unique name for a unique person. Generally loves architecture and sweet ladies. Many girls are attracted to him, but can't fall in love with him because there unsure. Meaning that he's so perfect many women are unsure because there used to dating assholes. Chaz sets very high standards for himself and will go very far.

Also listens to a lot of Smooth Jazz
Jazzy Chaz
by caluce July 01, 2009
397 246
A guy, usually a hambone who hangs out with a shitload of girls....but they're JUST friends!
Hannagan: dude jared is big pimpin' so many ladies write on his facebook wall!!

Me: no way!!! hes just a major CHAZ.

Dukeman: word
by Caralyn October 11, 2007
351 243
An adjective used to describe the coolest possible person you know.
Woa! Who was that awesome dude?

Hey man, that was Chaz.
by chip block November 24, 2009
156 105
A criminal minded,pot smoking,beer drinking, lady loving, sexual animal. Often referred to as PAPI GRANDE for his third leg. Loved by most hated by few. Person who also hates illegal immigrants like wet-backs/beaners.
I met this guy Chaz,and well I feel in love.
by 808papiGRANDE July 30, 2009
160 120
The finest looking person alive who once pulled 2 girls at the same time who were 16 & 17 and is the president of his school; a person whose thing is only 1 inch... FROM THE GROUND; a very smart, attractive & charming person
Ex 1: Omg, that guy is so hot. Wait, I mean he's so Chaz...

Ex 2: What's that thing on that guy's shoe? Oh, nevermind, it's his huge Chaz.

Ex 3: Wow... he's so nice, and chrming, and dreamy, and, well... I mean he's just so Chaz...
by Chizzaz1020 October 08, 2008
46 40
An extremely sexy and attractive woman whose nature is that of a minx. She likes fine jewelry is often hard to gain the trust of. Fits well with the definition of Blake.
I wish Chaz was my gorgeous girlfriend.
by Chaz<3 June 21, 2013
19 14