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A fun loving girl who knows how to have fun. She has many friends with a lot of inside jokes. She generally has brown hair, brown eyes, and crazy dance moves. She knows how to make anyone laugh and laughs all the time herself. She has many friends who get her sense of style and sexy skills.
Chayma is da bomb
by Amanda.1994 April 18, 2012
A amazing outgoing person,she Is also fantastic to hang out with she is the right person to be with she can be mostly loud but sometimes quite. Chayma "can" be really mean to you but only if you are, she is kind most of the time :D and tries to make you happy, she will stop a fight or sometimes laugh at it. you can keep all your secrets with her and she would not tell anyone, she is very creative and funny and also has a really loud laugh a bit crazy but its perfect the way it is.
Chayma has the most sexiest best friend .
chayma is soo amazing!
by Short.stack April 18, 2012

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