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When You See A Chav Riding Home From School Or Just Riding Around On A Bike, Have You Noticed That There Bikes Are Stupidly Small, And Are Usualy Pink Or Purple.
You See, They Have Stolen These Bikes From There Younger Sister As They Cannot Afford There Own Bikes As They Have Spent All Of There Money On Alcahol Or Drugs.
So A Group Of Chavs On These Stupid Bikes Is Now Refered To As A Chavalry, Which Is Basicly A Cavalry Of Chavs On Bikes
Chavalry - Example: None
by Ben Poulson November 11, 2007
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A collection of scooter mounted Chav's.
Found whirling around most town car parks.
See Also Chav Cavalry.
Do you hear that ?
It's the Chavalry... lets park somewhere else
by Crowds August 17, 2011
Chav Chivalry
when he saves you 'twos' without being asked

Chavalry- when the most romantic gesture a bloke has ever done for his girlfriend is spit on an officer while yelling "Get them fucking handcuffs off her pig

Chavalry - when a bloke bites another bloke's nose off cos he was looking at his missus
by This is "middle" England December 01, 2011
1: A group of chavs, otherwise known as a crapfestation. Derives from cavalry.

2: When a chav wipes the crumbs off his face and runs a comb through his hair to impress some bird out of his league, but only so he can premature ejaculate on her and brag to his friends about how hard he gave it to her. Derives from chivalry.
Oh jeez who called out the fucking chavalry.

I know he told me I was so beautiful and stole me that diamond ring from that old lady, but I still say it was just an act of chavalry.
by Sam is a Dick October 29, 2006

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