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An over hyped relic of the past that seems to live on its own self importance. Mainly due to the fact that the rich and upper-middle-class overextended (wanna be rich) have made massive real-estate investments.

Located in Chautauqua, NY... Chautauqua is a place where rich to upper middle class suburbanites from Ohio, NY, Pennsylvania, ... congregate during the Summer to put on a show that they are "cultured" and attempt to be somehow relevant.

All the while their alcoholic neglected children drink their asses off and cavort with each other all Summer (read: massive party). The whole time saying that they will never be like their parents, and then returning to Chautauqua in their mid-life to repeat the same process.

With a joke of an entertainment program and a decent lecture circuit, Demtards like Al Gore and Bill Clinton show up once in a while.
"Hey, are you going to Chautauqua next season?"

"Yeah, I'll see you at Snugs"

Note:Snugs is now closed or no longer relevant.
by CatBoners May 20, 2009
similar to the traveling tent-shows which used to move across America in the 'old days' giving popular talks intending to edify, entertain, improve the mind and bring culture and enlightenment to the listener.
'In this Chautauqua I intend to discuss the meaning of the Greek Sophists.
by David Edwards November 11, 2003
word meaning "liquid shit" mentioned ad nauseam by prick/author Robert Prisig in Zen or the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. this word can be used at any time, for anything, especially as a replacement for expletives
-What the Chautauqua?!?!
-Yeah what the fick is this chautauqua seriously..?
by jimqueen December 07, 2009
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